Celebrity Cause: VIVA GLAM.

MAC Cosmetics is known for top-quality make-up and its’ all-out employees. It’s also known to collaborate with celebrities on a regular basis, producing cosmetics which represent each star’s image. This time, they’ve come together with Nicki Minaj and Ricky Martin. The line, “VIVA GLAM”, consists of two promising products which are limited edition items. What’s great about this line is as follows:

Every cent from the sale goes toward helping women, men and children living with and affected by HIV and AIDS. Limited Edition. – MAC cosmetics (www.maccosmetics.com)

Last night, I received my March 2012 edition of Nylon Magazine which includes this advertisement for the collaboration:


The products are as follows:


As you can see, Ricky’s product is a lip conditioner. It has no hue but promises to keep your lips consistently conditioned and healthy-looking. To the right, Nicki’s hot pink lipstick.
Lip conditioner sells retail US $15, Lipstick priced at US $14.50.

Are you embracing this collaboration? I’d love the hear your thoughts!

xo, Cass


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