Make-up: Baked&Bronze

In the next week, I`ll post a series of different make-up trends and ideas for spring/summer. To launch this series, I’ve decided to start with something you might find useful and hopeful. If you’re like me, February gets you thinking about beaches and the warm sun. If you’re not one of those ‘spring breakers’ who get to visit a hot climate for a week (jealous!), this post should give you confidence for the future. If you’re on, or just leaving for a week of soaking up as much vitamin D as possible, there’s also great products for you when you find yourself once again surrounded by snow and cold breeze. Also be sure to check out my Tanning Issue for great products to help you boost that lovely new tan of yours, or to get one started! I’d like to focus this page on not getting that great skin tone, but rather kicking it up and making it look great no matter what stage you’re at.

First, the obvious: bronzer!

Smashbox has released this fabulous oil-free powdered bronzer, “Halo Hydrating Perfection Bronzer” which promises to never look orange. It’s available from the Smashbox website, retailed at US $39.00 (also available in travel size!).

Following bronzer, highlighting is always a great way to make your skin shine that much more and to emphasize your nice cheekbones:

With enough sheen to satisfy your craving for shine, but still dark enough to maintain that beautiful bronze, Smashbox triumphs once again with “Baked Fusion Soft Lights” in “Baked Stardust”. I’ve used this product in “Stardust” for a very long time, and love love love it! My current supply is almost completely gone, I’ll be switching it up this time around and picking up more but in this shade instead! It’s also available on the Smashbox website for $30 US.

Next, my favourite eye palettes to match this style:

INTRODUCING: Naked by Urban Decay, a very popular product and perfect for matching with a bronzed look. From the early-morning shades to the evening hues, this palette’s got a lot going for it. Get it at Sephora for $50.

Next in line is Sephora’s Moonshadow baked palette, which features an array of shades from creme to plum, catering to all different occasions and tastes, not to mention it’s packaging is adorable. You can pick up this palette at Sephora for $30–not bad for a staple!

Make Up Forever Professional: La Bohème Baked Eye Shadow Palette, $39

For the beach-lover: Make Up Forever Professional’s La Bohème Baked Eye Shadow Palette (Sephora, $39).

Finally, for the lips:

Divine (left), and Harlot (right)

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (OCC) is a great brand to buy from because they’re 100% vegan and animal-cruelty free. Featured above is their lip tar which is showered in fabulous reviews. My two favourite colours available for this look are Divine (left) and Harlot (right). You can find these gems at for $13.50 US. I chose these two hues because they’re great for the baked look, maintaining a beachy vibe while still maintaining that feminine chic appeal; Divine is great for the daytime whereas Harlot I’d love to rock for a night on the town. Also check out MAC’s fabulous new lipstick, resulting from their collaboration with Nicki Minaj & Ricky Martin.

What products do you use to obtain your summer look? Suggestions are encouraged in the comment box!


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