Fashion School: Late Night Sewing Adventure

As I mentioned in one of my recent posts, I’ve been busy busy busy with my current schooling but also applying for fashion school. I’m applying for Fashion Communication at Ryerson University. I had to crunch a lot of my portfolio development into a few short days due to my current workload. I went in order, checking off each assignment on the list as I completed it, and the final one was of coarse a garment. As I’m currently a literature student, the prospect of actually making clothes sounded slightly intimidating. Luckily, during my teenage years I went through a few stages where I wanted to create my own clothing, so had experimented a lot back then, but was certainly not a pro. A few years later, I’m now turning 21 and haven’t as much as touched a sewing machine in about three years. After an afternoon spend venturing the textile district (Toronto) and encountering many encouraging and helpful people, I returned home to set up my sewing machine.

Embarrassingly enough, I had to YouTube to refresh on some aspects of setting up my machine, but I got through it…UNTIL!! I realized I was missing parts, great. I called many sewing shops, but none had the parts I needed, and placing an order would take more time than I had to spare. So I resorted to hand-sewing my garment…let’s just say, it took all night. It was a gruelling process at times, but I kept my spirits in good check with the help of a Rockstar energy drink and some serious beatz. What helped the most were those encouraging moments at 2 and 4am when things started to turn out better than expected.

Here are some photos of my process, and the end results…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

annnnd me wearing it after a night of no sleep:

It definitely needs some fixing up, but at least it’s something I’m okay with submitting pictures of for my portfolio. Here’s to hoping for an acceptance letter!

xo Cass


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