Oscars Looks 2012: Red Carpet to After Party

Last night, the Academy Awards took place and was not at all shy of fashion. Featuring ladies adorning everything from classic glam to bold necklines and men looking classy to standard, I’ve compiled a series of my favourite looks and trending colours.

Classic White is a trend that’s inevitable for the Academy Awards, but last night, they really dominated! Here are my favourite gowns out of last night’s event:

Rooney Mara, Cameron Diaz, Gwenyth Paltrow, Jennifer Lopez, and Milla Jovovich. With the exception of Paltrow, all these ladies are trailing their hemlines, accentuating the glam in each gown. Paltrow has really taken simple and chic to her classic look, and it works for her. It’s the silver cuff that off-sets the simplicity, completing the look and making her really shine. Jennifer Lopez, as noted below, embraced the daring neck line from daytime to night time.

Two couples received quite a bit of media attention…

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt arrived together, looking great. During the night, Angelina was always sure to emphasize the peep-leg perk of her gown, Brad looking as laid-back and “cool guy” as per usual. Second, George Clooney in Armani and girlfriend Stacey Keibler in Marchesa; I give a yay to this duo, they make a hot couple!

Many red dresses appeared during the show, these are just two of my favorites:

Emma Stone and Natalie Portman always look absolutely adorable, and last night was no exception. Their dresses complimented their distinct looks: Emma Stone’s stature is unique, after all, who else could pull off that neckline?! And who other than Natalie Portman can get away with tiny polka dots at the Academy Awards?

My favourite men this year:

Christian Bale and Colin Firth looking dashing during the ceremony.

After the ceremony, the usual elaborate parties began, and the fashion just got more extreme as the night went on:

Jennifer Lopez adorned yet another daring neckline, keeping the trend alive, white Emma Stone opened up her neckline a bit more than what we saw during the daytime. I’m in love with the waist-down on this dress, by the way. Next is Kate Bosworth looking stunning as well as Katie Perry who was also present for the festivities wearing a dress which is perfectly suited to her and her recently-dyed blue hair.

Although I can’t decide which dress I like more out of the looks above, I really have to highlight Lily Collins’ after party gown for being very unique and standing out:

This dress wouldn’t look this perfect on just anyone, and I love how the softness of the fabric compliments her look.

What did you all think of the show? Did it leave you inspired, satisfied, dissatisfied? Let me know in the comment box!

xo, Cass

*all images sourced from the internet and belong to their respective owners


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