Complete That Pedi: From the Spa

During these cold winter months, sometimes we tend to neglect parts that are only exposed in public via sandals and bikinis. Whether or not this is a case for you, a recent purchase I made brought the spa home and made me oh-so-happy to spend some quality time with my feet.

Step 1:

True Blue Spa has launched a magnificent foot scrub containing walnut shells and peppermint oils to rid of dry skin and leaves your new skin feeling fresh as it should. When scrubbing, use circular motions, I found this worked best.

Step 2:

I know what you’re thinking–it’s shea butter, so what? Shea butter is just hands down the best moisturizer, and is teamed in this formula with Avocado Oil for extra conditioning, with a finish of Eucalyptus extract to reinforce the freshness.

I was very impressed after one use of this fabulous duo. They’re sold at Bath & Body Works for US $15 each (there’s normally some sort of deal on True Blue Spa products!). They also carry more specific products such as cracked heel treatment if you need a bit more love on the foot front.

What do your mid-winter at-home-spa rituals look like?

xo, Cass


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