It’s All About the Brow

In past seasons, there has been a storm of clashes and waves between bold brows versus no brows (bleached on runways).

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This spring, I’d love to embrace the bold brows look as it looks great when paired with minimalist make-up. I’ve always been one cursed with thin eyebrows, so naturally, I need a bit of extra help. Anastasia at Sephora has a major collection for brow enhancement. Anastasia Soare is an acclaimed beautician, and she’s definitely deserved it. Last year, I used her eyebrow enhancing serum and it actually made my eyebrows grow in places I’ve never been able to grow out naturally. While no product works miracles like genetics, I definitely noticed a difference in the amount of brow I had to work with after about six weeks of using her serum on a daily basis.

My next Anastasia investment is definitely going to be a kit which is exclusive to Sephora. It includes nine great products to enhance the look of your eyebrows, including a DVD with instructions on how to obtain optimal results using the kit.

This sells for $75, which is actually a great price as all the products together are worth $171. Get more details on the Sephora page, and be sure to scroll to the bottom for the great reviews it’s getting.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on different brow styles, what do you prefer?

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