NAIL ART: my favs this season!

Let’s face it: nail art is huge! What’s more is coordinating your nails with the season’s colour palette. After you check out these fabulous styles, be sure to check out my Spring Shoe Issue!

Speaking of seasonal polish, this one is perfect for the spring! With subtle florals and playful pinks, this design is useful in offsetting a neutral outfit or neon trousers.

If you’re feeling a bit more on the bright side, the hottest colour of the season is bright orange and just happens to look amazing as an accent!

This design reminds me of Bath & Body Works’ ‘Into the Wild’ line…it may or may not be a coincidence of my working there :]. In any case, if your inner party girl is ready for the weekend (it is hump-day, after all!), bust her out with this ‘wild’ design!

Lastly, I’d like to express my excitement for picking up some of Nicki Minaj’s OPI collection as well as OPI’s line with the Kardashian’s!

Above is a shot of the colours available from Nicki Minaj’s OPI. When I initially learned about the line last November, I was psyched on “Pink Friday”, however I’m now set on picking up “Fly” as well as “Save Me”…if “Save Me” works as well as I’m anticipating, I’ll be sure to snap a pic of the results!

A picture of my OPI shatter nails from the fall…out with the old, in with the new!!

If you have any wicked nail art you found online or did yourself, post a link to it below!


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