VDAY 2012: Sexy Lingerie

What do you think when you see these photos? If you’re like I was even six months ago, you may feel yourself crawling up into a ball of fear and self-consciousness…but do not be intimidated! Despite the fact that most of us (including myself) will never look as amazing as Candice Swanepoel or Adriana Lima do in this sexy attire, I’m here to argue that dressing yourself up with speciality lingerie is good for the ego! I’m not here to proclaim any intimate details, but I know several women who claim that even just owning these kinds pieces make all the difference, whether you’re single or are in a relationship; it’s about you and making you feel good! Places like Victoria’s Secret have an abundance of different styles for different body types and tastes. Although I’ve recently taken to appreciating what’s out there in the world of the lingerista’s, I will always be a girl who likes cozing up in some simple, comfortable PJs.

….hmm, minus the heels ;).

Whether you’re spending your valentines day alone or with someone special, perhaps use it as an excuse to wear something that makes you feel like a bombshell :).

*images taken from the internet, not by me.


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