LOCAL: my personal work!

Hi all!

Initially, I wasn’t going to post any of my personal art on here, however I decided to throw a few photos of my work in with the mix of other locals featured on the site. All these works were created by me and are just photos taken from my iphone, please don’t steal any of these images!


This piece was finished last August. It’s my most recent finished painting (school gobbles up all my time!), I normally get a few done during holidays. It was inspired by my tending to my own psychological health, while still experimenting with some texturing. If you have any further questions about the piece, put them through the comment box below or send me an email @ cassasselstine@live.com!

Here we have a picture of several of my paintings (they’re quite a bit bigger than they look in the photo :]) over the past few years, all on canvas either in oil or acrylic. If you’d like to check out a specific piece, just drop me an email (cassasselstine@live.com) and I’ll gladly take a photo of it and answer any other questions you may have. 

2009. Oil on canvas.

Reverse Domination. 2010, illustration edited in photoshop. Print.

This piece was done in my senior year in high school for my computer art class. The assignment was to create an image about something controversial that we cared about…being someone who hasn’t consumed meat for quite some time, I decided I’d take the subject full blown. The piece created a bit of discomfort to viewers at the gallery, so I’d say it achieved its goal.

As noted above, questions/comments can be directed to the comment box or via email at cassasselstine@live.com.


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