And it’s a wrap!

The 54th Grammy Awards was aired earlier this evening (Sunday) and was, as per usual, filled with an array of different looks and statements. I’d like to start out with mentioning what I think was the favourite look of the night: Taylor Swift came bearing style, elegance, class, and very tasteful high fashion:

According to a poll which was cast via ET Canada’s coverage, 74% of viewers also thought this dress was a hit.

Here are three more looks from the show which were featured and quite frankly, I can’t decide which is my favourite! Starting from the left, Fergie rocked the Couture in the hottest colour of the season. Next in the centre is Katy Perry whose gorgeous blue gown maintained her edgy look and brought class to her blue ‘do. Finally, Rihanna goes elegant with a gorgeous silhouette.

I’m interested to know who everyone’s favourites were, and what did you think of Nicki Minaj’s outfit?

Upon my first viewing of her outfit, I was just confused. Once she got on stage, however, her performance made it clear that this outfit was a foreshadow to her theme and story line.

Finally, someone was not as present as I’d anticipated: Lady Gaga. For the past two years, Gaga dominated the music scene and now appears to be taking a back seat (for now), being nominated for a couple Grammy’s but picking up none. Despite her losses, she’s made so many gains over the past few years that I had to smile when I saw how happy she looked for Adele as she racked up her six trophies! Returning to Gaga: although she was certainly not the feature of the night, there’s something she most definitely didn’t fall through on: her outfit.

click to visit buzznet (photo's source!)

The fishnet outfit screams nothing short of “GAGA”. To me, it also has a lot to offer under its context in that Gaga never seems to lose focus or confidence; despite her lack of performing at the ceremony, she still dresses like the pop queen she is. The walking stick and the train leading from her dress to it really says to me that she’s here to stay. Initially, I felt that in part she wore this piece in respect to the community’s loss of Whitney Houston by covering her face (a symbol of “mourning”) but still staying present. Although this is open to interpretation, I would have been quite disappointed if she had shown up with anything less Gaga-esque.

I encourage you all to leave your opinions on the night’s looks; what do you think are the best and the worst?

Cass xo


*the photos in this post were taken from various sources and I don’t claim ownership over any of them.


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