SPRING: neon!

When I first started to receive my multiple magazines in the mail during January, I was met with a shock: NEON! By now, I’ve been accustomed to greys, blacks, and neutrals, being a Canadian in the midst of winter. While I always appreciated and even embraced individuals who could rock the shocking neon colour pallet, this season’s new take on the bold trend has me considering it as an option for myself! What’s changed? The neon has been integrated into professional wear through one of my daring favourites: the pink suit (above). As a rule for myself when embracing the neon trend is somewhere along the lines of what’s displayed in the new Gap “Be Bright” collection: neon piece meets sheer, simple wardrobe. Another idea is to integrate new sheer metallics into your neon statement to soften the look but still maintain your statement. If you love neon but don’t want to break the bank, there are some really cute neon pants being launched at H&M starting at 29.95. And yes, that is a screen shot of Ski On Neon :).

How will you be ringing in the spring?


2 thoughts on “SPRING: neon!

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